A VOLA collobaration with London
based architect, Fiona Naylor at Johnson Naylor.

"I have specified and used VOLA personally for thirty years - it feels like an instinct now, a constant, a designer's sixth sense for truth and honesty.”

My VOLA collaboration
Fiona Naylor, Johnson Naylor

Founding partner Fiona Naylor is a passionate advocate for VOLA.

"Homes are places of calm and for people with frantic schedules and for this client, their London home is a sanctuary from incessant travelling. The design is clear, considered, intelligent and relaxed - VOLA in the bathrooms reflects this attitude with perfect functionality," she comments.

Johnson Naylor and VOLA also share a collaborative, open approach and a proven commitment to nurturing talent and championing appropriate design.

VOLA Products
Kitchen: 590 in Matt Black (from the Exclusive Colour Series)
Bathrooms: FS1, 111, 541R-061A and 5463A all in Matt Black
(from the Exclusive Colour Series)